Winnipeg Leaf Guard Install

Wouldn’t you like to say goodbye, forever, to the dangerous, unpleasant job of cleaning your eavestroughs or the expense of paying someone else to do it?

Eavestroughs are meant to capture the water from your roof and carry it safely into a downspout – away from your soffit, fascia and foundation, where it can cause damage. Unfortunately, ordinary eavestroughs also capture leaves, twigs and other organic debris that will cause them to fill up with debris, clog and spill over during rainstorms. Rainwater spilling over from your eavestroughs will rot your soffit and fascia, wreck the landscaping below, overwork your sump pump and can causing basement flooding.

We install the Smart Screen leaf guard system endorsed by Mike
Holmes that eliminates the need for eavestrough cleanings while ensuring trouble free eavestrough operation for years to come.

Smart Screen leaf guards fit all new eavestroughs we install and
most existing eavestroughs for retrofit applications.

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