We provide rooftop snow removal & ice dam removal services to homeowners, property managers and businesses anywhere in Winnipeg, Selkirk, St Andrews and most other areas surrounding the City of Winnipeg. We service properties that range from small bungalows to estate homes and large industrial complexes. We also remove snow from trailers, semi-trailers, RV’s, campers, garbage & recycling compactors, pergolas, tents and more.

We are available throughout the winter to clear snow & ice from your roof, everything from a flat roof to the steepest of pitches. Once the snow from your roof is on the ground, we will clear your steps, sidewalks, decks and driveways free of roof snow.

We stop roof leaks fast with our ice dam removal service. We can either completely remove the ice dam causing the leaking issues or in many cases we can channel the ice dam to allow for drainage while reducing cost to the consumer.

We can also open plugged plumbing stacks if you’re experiencing slow draining toilets or a sewer gas smell is occurring.

Features of our rooftop snow removal service include:

    • we safely remove snow from the roof of your house or building without damage using plastic shovels and roof rakes;
    • our ladders are equipped with stabilizer arms to prevent damage to your eavestroughs and roof while increasing our safety;
    • once the snow is on the ground, we will shovel/snow blower previously clear areas such as sidewalks, steps, decks and driveways;
    • you don’t need to be home when we come and we accept etransfer, cash, cheque or credit card;
    • we don’t subcontract our work, each rooftop snow & ice dam removal is completed by us;

    • we are Worker’s Compensation Board insured and carry valid liability & property damage insurance in the amount of $5 million dollars.

A job is never complete until you are satisfied with the quality of our work.  Should you find something not up to your standards with our work, bring the concern to our attention and we will rectify the situation right away.

We provide estimates free of charge.  Simply, CLICK HERE to request your free estimate or give us a call at (204) 802-5339.