The most important step in creating a beautiful lawn in Winnipeg is the spring cleanup. This is performed as soon as we are able to get on the lawn without damaging it. The spring clean up will help your lawn to maximize use of moisture, lawn care products, air, and sunlight. It will reduce the need for watering, improve drought tolerance, improve colour and thickness, and minimize disease and insect damage.

Your Spring Cleanup includes all of the following:

Power raking of entire lawn
Initial cut and vacuum/raking of the lawn
Trimming of all edges
All leaves are removed from under shrubs, bushes, and trees
All debris is blown out of flower beds
All sand will be removed from the boulevard
All sand and debris will be removed from the driveway and sidewalks
All debris will be removed from the lawn (twigs, leaves, garbage, etc.)
All debris will be bagged and ready for collection

Optional Additional Services:

Aeration of lawn
All debris and clippings are hauled away (no bags will be left on the driveway) and composted